City of Mercer Island, WA, Parks and Recreation                        

Natural Resource Specialist

* Diagnose forest pathogens

* Prescribe management for trees


City of Mercer Island, WA, Development Services Group                         

City Arborist 

* Reviews and interprets plans (site, landscaping, civil, clearing and grading).


Olympic Nursery, Woodinville, WA                        

Lead Arborist

* Consulted and performed tree and shrub pruning.

* Suggested and installed new plantings for appropriate soil conditions, sun exposure and space compatible with clients' budgets.


City of Mercer Island, WA                       

Right-of-Way Arborist                                                

 *Provided project management for Mercer Island’s Right-of-way Tree Program which required  maintenance of approximately 275 acres and 380 trees in downtown area. 


City of Bellevue, WA                        

Forest Technician Aide

* Completed city property line inspections and verification.


Applied Ecology, LLC, Seattle, WA                        

Field Specialist

* Invasive species control, including Knotweed along the Cedar river, manual and chemical.


Town of Hunts Point, WA                                      

Urban Forestry Intern            

* Worked with residents to mitigate tree ordinances and permits.


USFS, McKenzie River Ranger Station/H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, McKenzie River, OR                        

Vegetation Crew/Data Collector

* Identified and monitored over 60 species of herb/shrub distribution patterns.

* Measured forest regeneration and tree growth to determine optimal restoration.


Also worked as a seasonal Land Manager for the Sand County Foundation and the Aldo Leopold Reserve in WI which included wildlife management, restoration of white oak savanna and training in fire treatment within forests and grasslands.